New publication in Remote Sensing

Remote Sens. 2018, 10(2), 349; doi:10.3390/rs10020349 Phenotyping Conservation Agriculture Management Effects on Ground and Aerial Remote Sensing Assessments of Maize Hybrids Performance in Zimbabwe Adrian Gracia-Romero 1 ,Omar Vergara-Díaz 1  ,Christian Thierfelder 2  ,Jill E. Cairns 2  ,Shawn C. Kefauver 1,*   José L. Araus 1 1Integrative Crop Ecophysiology Group, Plant Physiology Section, Faculty of Biology, University of Barcelona, 08028 Barcelona, Spain 2International Maize … Continue reading New publication in Remote Sensing

New Frontiers In Plant Science Article

Great Job Adrian on the first article of your PhD in the #1 Plant Science Journal - ORIGINAL RESEARCH ARTICLE Provisionally accepted The full-text will be published soon.  Front. Plant Sci. | doi: 10.3389/fpls.2017.02004 Comparative performance of ground versus aerially assessed RGB and multispectral indices for early-growth evaluation of maize performance under phosphorus fertilization Adrian Gracia-Romero1, Shawn C. … Continue reading New Frontiers In Plant Science Article

Goetz Instrument Program

Hi everyone! Regarding our appearance in the TV program called "Agrosfera", we used a FieldSpec 4 equipment that was kindly provided by ASD Alexander Goetz Instrument Program. This program aims to provide a simple mechanism for supporting small research efforts which can quickly establish concept viability, or rule out further consideration, by providing temporary use of … Continue reading Goetz Instrument Program