Research interests:

Dr. Kefauver’s current research and teaching interests are plant eco-physiology, climate change, and plant stress applied to Mediterranean crops and natural environments, including thermal remote sensing, imaging spectroscopy and GIS applications for multi-scale scientific research on these topics.

Current research projects:

Spanish National Projects:

“Fenotipeado de precision a gran escala en trigo duro: bases fisiologicas y herramientas de selección.” Investigador Principal José Luís Araus Ortega. (Universitat de Barcelona). 01/09/2014-01/09/2017.

International Projects:

“HTPPs and open-source image processing tools for maize foliar disease assessments.” International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT). Principal Investigator Shawn Carlisle Kefauver. (University of Barcelona). 1/01/2015-31/12/2016.

Recent publications:

Kefauver SC, El-Haddad G, Vergara-Diaz O, Araus JL, editors. RGB picture vegetation indexes for High-Throughput Phenotyping Platforms (HTPPs) 2015: International Society for Optics and Photonics.
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