Goetz Instrument Program

Hi everyone!

Regarding our appearance in the TV program called “Agrosfera”, we used a FieldSpec 4 equipment that was kindly provided by ASD Alexander Goetz Instrument Program. This program aims to provide a simple mechanism for supporting small research efforts which can quickly establish concept viability, or rule out further consideration, by providing temporary use of a field spectroradiometer, which might otherwise be difficult to obtain.

See more at: http://www.asdi.com/support/student-support-programs/goetz-instrument-program

Now, a recap of the research developed thanks to the FieldSpec 4 equipment lend by ASD Alexander Goetz Instrument Program, has been published in the webpage of ASD Inc., a PANalytical company!

You can find the link to the recap here: http://discover.asdi.com/high-throughput-precision-phenotyping-htpp-in-durum-wheat-physiological-basis-and-tools-for-selection

Thanks to the Goetz program, for giving us such a wonderful experience!

FieldSpec 4

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