Research interests:

The ecophysiological characterisation of the response of genotypes in extensive crops of cereals (barley and wheat) to the Mediterranean environmental conditions is compulsory for a proper implementation of breeding programs. Our collaboration with molecular biologists that obtain new variability using biotechnological tools allow evaluating in the field the behaviour of the new varieties, recognise those suitable to be introduced in breeding programs.

Phytoremediation: The use of plant species tolerant to high levels of contaminants in soils and waters, and with high capacity of bioaccumulation allows intervention and restoration activities with lower environmental impact than traditional techniques, more invasive and with adverse secondary effects.

Current research projects:

Collaboration in Spanish AGL2013-44147 (Fenotipeado de Precision a Gran Escala en Trigo Duro: Bases Fisiologicas y Herramientas de Seleccion) and Grups de Recerca de Qualitat de Catalunya (2014 SGR 628, Ecofisiologia de Conreus Mediterranis).

Recent publications:

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