CIMMYT MaizeScanner


Already Have FIJI Installed ?

Already having FIJI installed is great and will lower the time spent getting started.

Go directly to the Install CIMMYT Maize Scanner Plugin section

Install Java, FIJI and Plugin

This section is for those users who need to install everything in order to get started.

Install Java

The very first step that needs to be done is to make sure that the latest version of Java is installed. Follow the steps below to install the latest version of Java.

Go to Install Fiji section

Install Fiji

Now that the latest version of Java is installed we can proceed with installing FIJI.

  1. Download the latest version of FIJI Here
    • Make sure to download the “No JRE” version

Install CIMMYT Maize Scanner Plugin

  1. Download the CIMMYT Maize Scanner Jar file Here
  2. Download the dependency Jar file tablelayout.jar Here
  3. Place the CIMMYT_Maize_Scanner.jar file in Fiji’s plugins folder\plugins
  4. Overwrite any existing version of the jar when or if prompted to
  5. Place the dependency tablelayout.jar jar file in Fiji’s plugins folder\plugins
  6. Start up Fiji

maize scanner 2.png


  • George El-Haddad
    • Software Engineer
  • Dr. Shawn Kefauver
    • Project Principal Investigator



Copyright 2015 Shawn Carlisle Kefauver

Licensed under the General Public License version 3.0


        (open access)