New publication in Science of the Total Environment

The article “Current ambient ozone levels mitigate the effect of Puccinia striiformis on wheat: Is Mediterranean wheat ready for pre-industrial background ozone levels?” deals with the mitigating effect of tropospheric ozone on fungal infections, and delves on a possible problem that could arise from returning to pre-industrial pollution levels. For more information please visit:

New Article in Atmosphere by Chang-Espino et al.

The article "The Effect of Increased Ozone Levels on the Stable Carbon and Nitrogen Isotopic Signature of Wheat Cultivars and Landraces" was recently published in Atmosphere. It shows the strong correlation that exists between ozone and d13C, and highlights some of the effects of ozone on d15N in terms of N translocation. The study also delves on these differences based … Continue reading New Article in Atmosphere by Chang-Espino et al.