Below are some links to our recent publications to get an idea of our UAV remote sensing capacities and lines of research of the Integrative Crop Ecophysiology Group of the University of Barcelona. The different publications should provide a good overview of our specific equipment that we possess.
Kefauver et al., Frontiers in Plant Science
Gracia-Romero et al. Remote Sensing
Vergara-Diaz et al., JXB
Araus et al., Trends in Plant Science
Murchie et al. Annals of Botany
Araus and Kefauver, Current Opinions in Plant Biology
The group is focused mostly on agricultural but also some forestry applications, but we are essentially an plant ecophysiology research group dedicated to plant breeding and more specifically high throughput plant phenotyping (HTPP), with phenotyping basically being the same as identifying plant functional traits as related to improving crop yield and resistance to biotic and abiotic stress. We have ongoing and recent projects in Spain, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Chile, and Peru.

For more information please contact Shawn C. Kefauver at sckefauver(at)u b . e d u.