Research interests:

Ensuring food security is facing new challenges do to the increase of the world population and the impacts of climate change on agriculture. Cereals (bread and durum wheat, barley, etc.) are economically and culturally important crops in the Mediterranean basin. Responses of these crop species to future climate scenario (elevated [CO2], high temperature, water stress, nutrient deficiencies…) define a complex and sophisticated regulatory network, including physiological, biochemical and molecular mechanisms. Understanding the processes involved in the adaptive response of crop species is a matter of concern for future breeding programmes.

Research projects:

2014-2016: Advance and high throughput precision phenotyping in durum wheat: physiological basis and tools for selection (FENOMED) (ref. AGL2013-44147-R)

2010-2013: Integration of gene expression with metabolism and photosynthesis for assessing the impacts on durum wheat of the increases in CO2 and temperature foreseen with climate change (ref. AGL2009-11987)


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