University of Barcelona CerealScanner

Field phenotyping tools for cereal breeding



  • Prof. Shawn Kefauver, Ph.D. Project Principal Investigator, University of Barcelona
  • Samir Kerfal, Ph.D. Project Lead, Syngenta
  • Jose Armando Fernandez Gallego, Eng. Algorithm Development, University of Barcelona
  • Georges El-Haddad, Software Engineer, Postlight


Administered by University of Barcelona / Dept. B.E.E.C.A. / Integrative Crop Ecophysiology Group

Funded in part by Syngenta Iberia, Spanish MINECO Juan de la Cierva IJCI-2014-20595, and the BPIN 2013000100103 Fellowship from the “Formación de Talento Humano de Alto Nivel, Gobernación del Tolima – Universidad del Tolima, Colombia”

Hosted at Gitlab:

Shawn Kefauver / CerealScanner

(access permission required, commercial entities should email Samir Kerfal for access at, or email Shawn Kefauver at for any other inquiries)


Copyright 2018 Shawn Carlisle Kefauver

Licensed under the General Public License version 3.0