Contact informationAdrian Gracia Romero

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  • twitter: @AGraciaRomero

EHEA bachelor’s degree in Environmental Sciences – University of Barcelona
Master’s degree Environmental Agrobiology – University of Barcelona
PhD Student – University of Barcelona


Adrian Gracia Romero is currently developing his PhD in Plant Phenotyping at the Integrative Crop Ecophysiology Group of the University of Barcelona. He is a graduate in Environmental Science and holds a Msc in Environmental Agrobiology, both from the University of Barcelona. In 2015, he joined the group in order to develop his degree thesis and, thereby, he got involved with the remote sensing methodologies and their applications in the plant phenotyping programs. Since then, he has continued working in the group carrying out different tasks. At the present, Adrian has been awarded with a doctoral fellowship FPI (Formación de Personal Investigador) from the Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad of the government of Spain. The main research line of his PhD is the development of high-throughput phenotyping systems including thermal sensors, imaging spectral cameras and conventional RGB cameras, for the assessment of crop performance at field conditions. Moreover, he is comparing the usefulness of different index, measured at ground (1 m of height) and at aerial level (50 m, from an unmanned aerial vehicle), identifying differences in yield at different developmental stages and under different growing conditions. Adrian, as an AESA-certified drone pilot (Agencia Estatal de Seguridad Aérea), is carrying out the flights.